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Cosmic Playhouse Astrology

Caroline Marshall and I not only produced years of theatre together, but we've also been armchair philosophers and professional astrologers. And by professional, I mean, it counts if someone gives you money and you tell them their progress moon is about to go into Pisces, right? 

We finally started a podcast on YouTube. So check us out for zany rants, feminist musings and brazen predictions. 

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Spooky li'l bitches in action

Our first episode is short and sweet and a technical disaster. 

But it will tell you who's gonna be POTUS in 2025

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Uranus: The Low-Hanging Fruit of Astrology Jokes

Our second episode is filled with the basest astrology humor.

But it has nonsensical accents!

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Are we drunk? Or do we just seem like we are?

Everybody loves to complain about Mercury retrograde... but why? How has Mercury hurt you?

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