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Marnie's play, Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl-Next-Door received a GO! by LA Weekly in 2006 and was taught in a Play Structure and Analysis class at the University of Washington in 2007. This play was produced again in 2009, and led Marnie to speak publicly at an outreach event for people with eating disorders. In 2018, it was produced at The Belfry Stage in North Hollywod and was produced and Encored at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019.  

Fringe Reviews :

" as the ancients of every race intended it — soul medicine, powerful and healing." -Mark Hein

"... a thoroughly humorous exploration of the darkest pains.... the beautiful medicine you need." -Scathach Cotter, -

(Crack Whore [2019] From left to right:

Edward Alvarado, Elisabeth Blake, Gloria Galvan, Michelle Danyn

Nominated for
The Outdoor Voices Festival “Conversation Creation” Award

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HFF Encore Award.png

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In 2008, Alley Cat, co-written with Caroline Marshall, in which Marnie played the leading role, received a Go! by LA Weekly.

(Alley Cat [2008]:
Marnie Olson, Tui Ho Chee)

In 2013, Marnie’s play Merry F***in’ Christmas, Y’all! performed to packed houses at the Eclectic Theatre in North Hollywood, and Marnie was asked to write an article for This Stage Magazine about her process.

(Merry F***in' Christmas, Y'all! [2013]:

Marnie Olson, Erin Treanor)

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