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Grace Elliott is a grief-stricken woman confronted with ongoing tragedy and loss, whose fantasies of being liberated from her agonizing existence are paralleled by the gruesome tale of the lovelorn Kent Clark.


Kent regards himself a hopeless romantic, ceaselessly pursuing his perfect mate. As Kent’s deluded quest for love turns up nothing but bodies, homicide detective Erin Taylor relentlessly pursues the madman, determined to end the massacre.


The psychological dance between criminal and crime-fighter, and victim and killer, increases in tempo until Grace is faced with a final, heart-pounding dilemma.


Is her wretched life worth fighting for?

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Miserable Women

Wooden Cabin

Miserable Women is a dark comedy feature about searching for connection in a world where disconnection can turn dangerous. 

Five disillusioned women unplug and retreat to a crappy cabin, with hopes of namaste-ing their bitchiness, but things take a dark turn when they are hunted down by an incel troll hellbent on vengeance.

Written by Elisabeth Blake, Marnie Olson & Laura Richardson. Are you a big-time (or medium-time, or small-time) producer looking for a fast-paced, diverse female-driven low-budget dark comedy feature to produce? Contact us now! 

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